Are You Tired Of Woke Liberals Pushing Their Values On You And Your Family?

Living These 10 Values Will Save Our Families and Our Communities!

The Engaged Patriots Manifesto book unpacks the 10 Values for you, so you can increase your influence in your family and community.

Have YOu Noticed...

Nothing Makes Sense?


Whole World Falling Apart at the SAME TIME?

Controlled Media in Lockstep?

Fraudulent Money System?

Blind to All The Evidence?

Fake Climate Change Emergencies?

Pentagon Makes $35 Trillion Accounting Adjustment?

We Pay For Our Own Extermination?

The Progression of Weapons?

Mostly Peaceful Riots!

Mostly Peaceful Riots?

Going Against EVERYTHING We Stand For?

Cheating Women Out of Their Accomplishments?

Pushing Vaccines Once Pharmaceuticals had Immunity?

Massive Interest Rate Hikes Creating a Recession?

We Are Coming For Your Children?

Are We Really Free?

Which is the Real Biden?

Do ANY of these things make any sense to YOU ?

If it were just one thing you may say bad things just happen.  If it were a few things, you might call it a coincidence.  But once you read the World Economic Forum's agenda you will realize this is a well organized and deliberate attack on America and our way of life!  All of these attack vectors are part of their integrated plan.  We must all realize that our 2nd Amendment rights are the only thing stopping them from total control over us.  Just look to Canada, Australia and New Zealand to see the level of tyranny the people have endured since they gave up their guns!  Because the globalists are aware that we will not part with our guns, in fact gun and ammo sales are up dramatically over the last three years, they have focused on Medical Tyranny to accomplish their goals.  This is the sneak attack because they can convince us that they are doing if for our health and safety.  Understand their plan and all the pieces fit!

  • Freedom is under attack and we are calling on Patriots to step up
  • We need good people to join and engage in teaching and leading others
  • This is a critical time to act before it is too late
  • Move from Silent Majority to Engaged Patriot for your family and community.
  • ​​You will be heroes in your families and communities