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"Engaged Patriots Manifesto "
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Inside "Engaged Patriots Manifesto," you'll discover:

  • ​How to apply the 10 Values in the Manifesto in everyday life
  • ​How to practice critical decision making in advance of real life situations requiring quick action.
  • ​The 21 Key Principles for a fulfilling life of Happiness and Service
  • ​Practical Advice for Strengthening your Family and Marriage
  • ​Multiple ways to provide Service and Influence in your Community
  • ​The 6 Key Skills needed to be a Successful Entrepreneur
  • ​The Four Business Models to help you determine the right one for you
  • ​And so much more...​

This is your chance to learn to take back control by being more engaged in your world and increasing the positive influence that you have on your family, friends and communities.  Don't let another day pass by without taking action. Get your hands on "The Engaged Patriots Manifesto" and start building the future you desire and help ensure freedom for you and future generations!

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“We can no longer be the silent moral majority sitting idly watching our world be corrupted and taken over by the immoral minority.”

“Integrity is when our thoughts, words, and actions are in harmony with each other. Moral Integrity is when all three are aligned with righteous principles and actions.”

“The people of the world are tired of morally bankrupt leaders who focus on their own personal gain.”

“Evil attempts to control and enslave us, but God in on our side, and God wins.”

“No man, or Institution created by man, has any right to take away or infringe on our Personal Freedom.”

“Like a rudder on a ship, it only takes a small, determined force to make a big change in direction.”

“Good men and women fortified with correct principles and committed to living them, are a powerful force to be reckoned with.”

“Our grandchildren are counting on us to hand the baton of freedom to them, fully intact, so they can enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

“The cause of Freedom is just, and the world needs your unique contribution.”

Matthew J Cameron

Here is what you get:

  • ​Engaged Patriots Manifesto Book
  • ​Companion Workbook - with optional assignments and challenges for each chapter (e-book)
  • 21 Principles Assessment - Digital online assessment with pdf report including recommendations
  • ​Family Assessment - Digital online assessment with pdf report including recommendations
  • ​Spirituality Assessment - Digital online assessment with pdf report including recommendations

Meet The Author,
Matthew J Cameron


My name is Matthew J Cameron. I am not an Author. I am not a Writer. I am not Famous. I am a Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, and Patriot. I felt compelled to write this book. It comes from my heart. I wrote it for my children and grandchildren. 

I was tired of all the woke agenda pushing their corrupt immoral values on us.  I was tired of my innocent grandchildren being exposed to their evil ways.  I sat idly by as many great patriots stepped up and shared their beliefs and encouraged Patriots to embrace the cause of Freedom.  My conscience worked on me and I knew I needed to do more than watch others carry the yoke.  I hope you will find this little book to be a source of encouragement and strength for you and your family.  I. hope that you will embrace the declarations in the manifesto and choose to be a more Engaged Patriot.

I knew I couldn't keep these thoughts to myself, so I decided to share them with you.  The world needs more good people to step up and increase their personal influence.  You are stronger than you think, and your unique influence and leadership is desperately needed today!

Ditch the Fear and Embrace Hope...

INTRODUCTION to the Engaged Patriots Manifesto

During my lifetime I have seen our nation fall from grace.  Once a beacon of hope to the world, we have lost our moral compass.  Our leaders have been corrupted by money and power.  Our cities have become infected with degenerative behaviors.  Crime and drug use is out of control.  Illegal aliens flood our borders.  People do not feel safe.  Polarization in politics and lifestyles is causing contention and chaos. Economic turmoil is destroying our wealth and increasing our stress levels.  Good people have been silent as we watched our world disintegrate before our eyes.  These problems have been caused by a small group of evil people who want to destroy our freedoms and our country.  My hope is that we, the Silent-but Moral Majority, can combat the evil that is growing around us by creating a grass roots movement of patriots that are committed to restoring the Principles and Freedoms that we all hold dear. 

We must start with ourselves and recommit to be better people.  We must embrace the correct principles that have been the basis of all free societies.  We must be honest, virtuous and hard working.  We must take personal responsibility for our actions and be accountable for any consequences.  We must teach our children and grandchildren to do the same. 

The ten declarations in the Engaged Patriot Manifesto are based on common sense and time-tested principles.  They are a statement of both our values and a proposed action plan, that can serve as a guide in our daily lives.  It is my hope that we embrace and implement these declarations in our individual lives and in so doing, affect real change in the world.

We must expand our reach and service to those around us in ever increasing circles of influence for good.  We must be bold as we face the evils of our day.  We must stand for right, even in the face of intimidation and social oppression from woke corporations, controlled media, and friends who have been brainwashed by decades of propaganda.  Satan is stirring up his wrath and making his power play for the souls of men, but God has given us the power to overcome him.  The battleground is clear; God has given us Freedom and Personal Agency and Satan wants to take them away, control all aspects of our lives, and lead us down the path to total captivity. 

He influences those who crave money and power to do his bidding.  He promises them money, power and fame.  He convinces them that they are part of the elite, deserving of more than others.  He convinces them that we should be subject to their will, and they should have power over us.  He convinces them that our lives are not as valuable as theirs.  He convinces them that there are limited resources on the earth, and they need to horde them for themselves and limit our access.  In return for money, power, and fame he demands his followers implement his plans for the children of God.  So, while we have been busy living our lives and supporting our families, he has been busy creating a web of lies and control that has slowly been tightening around us.  

This battle between good and evil is not new.  It has been raging since the beginning of time here on Earth.  However, as we get closer to the end times, Satan is ramping up his efforts as he makes his final push to destroy all the good things that Gods wants for us and impose his will upon us.

Being aware is the first critical step.  Once aware, we must begin immediately to combat his evil plans in our everyday lives.   We can no longer be the Silent Moral Majority sitting idly watching our world be corrupted and taken over by the Immoral Minority.   It is time for righteous action.  The weak minded and corrupt among us have fallen for his lies!  They like to hide in the shadows as they do his bidding.  They fear being exposed. We must shine light on them and their evil deeds.  We must hold them accountable for their crimes against us. 

We will teach others and be examples of goodness and service. We will create a groundswell that will be hard for evil to overcome. Join with us as we embrace this important work to Strengthen our Families and Communities. The world needs your unique contribution!

We are on God’s side and God will prevail! 

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