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Have YOu Noticed...

Nothing Makes Sense?


Whole World Falling Apart at the SAME TIME?

Controlled Media in Lockstep?

Fraudulent Money System?

Blind to All The Evidence?

Fake Climate Change Emergencies?

Pentagon Makes $35 Trillion Accounting Adjustment?

We Pay For Our Own Extermination?

The Progression of Weapons?

Mostly Peaceful Riots!

Mostly Peaceful Riots?

Going Against EVERYTHING We Stand For?

Cheating Women Out of Their Accomplishments?

Pushing Vaccines Once Pharmaceuticals had Immunity?

Massive Interest Rate Hikes Creating a Recession?

We Are Coming For Your Children?

Are We Really Free?

Which is the Real Biden?

Do ANY of these things make any sense to YOU ?

If it were just one thing you may say bad things just happen.  If it were a few things, you might call it a coincidence.  But once you read the World Economic Forum's agenda you will realize this is a well organized and deliberate attack on America and our way of life!  All of these attack vectors are part of their integrated plan.  We must all realize that our 2nd Amendment rights are the only thing stopping them from total control over us.  Just look to Canada, Australia and New Zealand to see the level of tyranny the people have endured since they gave up their guns!  Because the globalists are aware that we will not part with our guns, in fact gun and ammo sales are up dramatically over the last three years, they have focused on Medical Tyranny to accomplish their goals.  This is the sneak attack because they can convince us that they are doing if for our health and safety.  Understand their plan and all the pieces fit!

  • Freedom is under attack and we are calling on Patriots to step up
  • We need good people to join and engage in teaching and leading others
  • This is a critical time to act before it is too late
  • Move from Silent Majority to Engaged Patriot for your family and community.
  • ​​You will be heroes in your families and communities


  • Show that you are an Engaged Patriot!
  • Great way to start a conversation about your values
  • Celebrate America!

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Are Trying to Take Over Our World?

 We need to promote our values, live and teach correct principles, and stand up for truth! Hopefully we won't need to fight with our guns (but keep them handy just in case!)   We are calling all Patriots to step up.  Believing in our values is simply not enough.  We must live and promote them in our Families and Communities.  The Woke Liberals have controlled the narrative for far too long. We can and must take more deliberate action. 

Our community has a creed, a code of conduct, that helps align our daily actions with our beliefs. We call it the Engaged Patriot Manifesto. We are committed to the principles of sound money, personal choice, individual responsibility, disciplined work ethic, strong families and communities… and limited government, We lead by example and focus on expanding our circle of influence for good in the world!
We help the Silent Majority become Engaged Patriots!

 Community membership provides the support we all need to navigate the challenging times we find ourselves in. You are not alone. We are here for each other. There is strength in numbers. We learn, share and support each other as we expand our influence in our own local communities. Together we can accomplish so much more in the world than on our own... and we can have some fun on the journey!

  • Together we will…
  • ​Feel more empowered to make a difference
  • ​Create a better future for our children and Grandchildren
  • ​Spend time in a community with like-minded patriots
  • ​Better understand the world and how to interpret events
  • ​Feel empowered to be bolder in our words and actions
  • ​Be more independent from the globalist control mechanisms
  • ​Embrace the Manifesto in our daily lives
  • ​Learn to be critical thinkers and recognize propaganda and lies
  • ​Engage as leaders in our families and communities
  • ​Make decisions based on faith, not fear
  • ​Be part of a community helping each other
  • ​No longer be part of the silent majority- but be part of the Engaged Patriots movement
  • ​Feel more in control of our future
  • ​Be part of a community that values our contributions
  • ​Have a strong support structure and learning environment
  • ​Easily talk to people about the globalist agenda
  • ​Feel more connected to our founding fathers
  • ​Feel more connected to our creator
  • ​Feel more hope

You will be glad to know that we are a private community. There are no intrusive ads, no algorithms tracking your behavior, no selling your personal information or habits to the highest bidder. You will find a rich community experience, lots of opportunities to engage with other patriots, and a deeper sense of belonging!

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Matthew J Cameron

I am not famous.  I am a Husband, Father, Grandfather and Patriot.  I have lived my life in the same control system as all of you.  I went to school and received a Bachelors degree  and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).  I have worked for other businesses.  I have started two businesses from scratch.  A Mechanical Contracting company with 230 employees doing business in 17 states and a software with unique collaboration tools that was targeting large organizations and multi-national corporations.  One was sold to a public company and the other died a painful death during the Great Recession. I have worked in four main industries throughout my career.  Accounting and Tax, Mechanical Contracting, Software, and Travel.  I have had direct responsibility for 335 Million in revenue with 2,500 employees.  I have helped grow a travel business from 250 Million to 700 Million as the Chief Operating Officer and later as Chief Consulting Officer. 

Across these diverse industries there are three key skills that have served me well.  Number one is learning to get along with others and genuinely caring about them and their lives. Second, becoming a good problem solver and always choosing to be part of the solution.  Third, having a sense of humor!  These three skills have helped me be a leader an influencer for over 40 years in business. 

But what really qualifies me to be an Engaged Patriot is a love of Freedom and a strong motivation to pass Freedom to my children and Grandchildren.  I am a father of six and grandfather of eight, and their future matters to me! Yes, I suspect you have these similiar qualifications!  While alone we may feel helpless to fight the Woke Agenda all around us, together we are an unstoppable force for good! 

My passion and purpose is to help my fellow patriots re-connect with our core values and re-ignite their drive to throw off our shackles of oppression and transform from the Silent Majority into Engaged Patriots.

Join Us! 

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I am a Grandpa and Patriot



Our Founding Fathers


"Rebellions to Tyrants is Obedience to God"



"The Sun Never Shone on a Cause of Greater Worth"



"A Right Heart Exceeds All"